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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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months demanding sudan's military rulers hand over power to a civilian the government. tens of thousands of protesters marched towards the presidential palace in khartoum opposition leaders called for similar mass demonstrations nationwide dubbed the 1000000 strong march. we don't feel like we stopped we want people to feel like we will continue continue no matter what everyone is out so we encourage each other. in some cases police fired tear gas at protesters the rapid support forces patrolled the streets with machine guns they were accused of the crackdown at a sit in at army headquarters in khartoum on june 3rd around 100 protesters were killed. in the eastern town of gunfire was heard the military gentle says it's not to blame for recent violence. the military is here to protect protesters but we can't do anything when it comes
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to food 3 to 5 or 6 people have been hit and we need to go there to sort out the problem you have to know that there are infiltrators people who want to change the current situation but god willing if we reach an agreement and if you understand the situation we will get rid of the snipers who are killing the people right now. sunday's mass marches with the 1st since the killings in khartoum 4 weeks ago and internet and media blackout has been enforced since then the protests coincide with the end of the african union deadline for the ruling military junta to hand over power to a you and ethiopia have led mediation efforts to find a political solution the opposition has accepted a plan to form a transitional government for the next 3 years the transitional military council says it's willing to negotiate. sunday was also the 30th anniversary of the military coup led by omar al bashir sudan's president was overthrown by another military coup in april and is in prison charged with corruption. activists arab
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countries to stop supporting saddam's military rulers they will never want to lower not because they are nice but also because they're going to be implicated if they are at a lower so that's very normal it's very natural to what we are forcing them so unless we. buy that mainly i'm speaking about saudi arabia the u.a.e. then it's going to be hard for us. to come or be able to wait and i think this is changing now. the protesters say their chance of defiance will continue despite threats to their lives until their demands for civilian rule on met for him mohammed al jazeera. let's just say quickly from a spokesman for sudan's military which says they're going to only responded with force after being attacked would be uniting with the laws in order to ensure the country exits its current problems and to achieve its aims and the revolution for
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which many young sudanese have lost their lives the interim military council have ensured that we are on the side of the revolution we will work closely to ensure the development and progress for the country at this very historic moment the military and other forces were in their stations and stones were thrown at them from within the demonstration that the rapid support forces moved in and managed to hold those who are firing at them accountable investigations are being carried out at this moment. so with us again well they that madiba who's the founder and president of sudan policy forum to talk us through some of this just quickly on what the military spokesman said that i'm always fascinated by the way they try to say we are on the side of the revolution because everything we hear from the protestors suggest otherwise and i can't imagine they feel that the military council is on their side at all. there are. so far about 182 protesters in get from yesterday. killed.
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it seems that the autocrats in the middle east and north africa don't seem to understand that no government system will ever be strong enough to keep the lid on the control of the bomb. at the they have used every sort of device if technique. to to exploited the difference is if if see the forces of freedom and king or the society at large and they failed. so they are they are just using these security techniques to put the burden on the shoulder of the civic society and to accuse it of using violence but these people have they wanted to use violence they could have used it. from doing from using any violence and they insist on maintaining its peaceful status how would you describe the balance of power now after yesterday's protests yes as you pointed out injuries and deaths but
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as far as finding some sort of resolution and therefore if they are they in any slightly better position at all of they got any leverage when it comes to trying to create this this new council the very important question after that crackdown on the protesters started the t.m.c. moved and violently killed about $114.00 prostate protesters in this city in about a month ago the they came out and. thought that the balance of power is going to be on their favor and they used to you know we have new developments so whatever deeds we discussed are no longer to be no longer to be valid that's the military saying that's the military saying it now after the u.s. the day. after yesterday's. i mean they want to stations i'm. not sure what we're. the forces of freedom and say they are in
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a very weedy situation because previously they were thinking about having i mean 7 civilians and 7 military officers plus a mediator or a neutral guy in india in the sovereign council right now the protesters have come out and said no we want 7 civilians plus 7 civilians plus a whole company coffee and tea so. 14 civilians on a government and one in bali symbolically that is wreaking which in a way the f.f.c. cannot accept all deal because the demonstrations now have. an appeal to a higher but that you could be active. is binding to the f.f.c. to the to the t.m.c. because you do have if you peons in the media and what are they doing i mean they
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are trying to mediate and bring both parties to the negotiation table in an attempt to come up with a deal but. the situation now is a bit tricky because if the the c. doesn't accept this the and goes ahead a sign or a quote prime minister if. there is going to be a stall near. if the f.f.c. a science prime minister there is the fear that there is going to be an outbreak into violence his see civil war or just likely be a situation so every everyone is trying to weigh. the situation. they fear. ok great talking to you as always with what you're going to hear on today thank you right here is what is coming up view on this news hour turkey's governor. announces an important development on its nationals held hostage in libya
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. although other leaders of the european union who are meeting in brussels have to pull an all nighter. and then support what has to someone here could turn her back on the world championships and he will have all the details about tend to the. so yes turkey's government has announced that 6 of its citizens held hostage in libya have been released earlier ankara want a serious consequences for the warlord khalifa haftar whose forces were holding them after eastern administration and to cut all ties with turkey on friday accusing it of supporting the rival u.n. recognized government in tripoli also flights have resumed the libyan capital is only functioning airport it was briefly closed after it was hit by an air strike forces loyal to have to say their attack destroyed
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a turkish drone which was sitting on one of the airport's runways but now remember libya's had these 2 rival governments over the last few years that u.n. recognized administration led by prime minister. based in the capital tripoli turkey as well as most western nations support the government including italy which is worried that the fighting in tripoli would force more migrants to cross north through the mediterranean towards italy then over in the aist the to brooke to government the center of power for warlord khalifa haftar backed by the likes of egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates and france actually also accused of providing military support to its forces so let's get the turkish angle now seen him close only following developments from istanbul for us 1st of all the news on the hostages 6 of them released. yes exactly a turkish foreign ministry just to confirm got 6 turkish citizens who have who
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worked as shipmen on a ship all by a libyan citizen they were released today in the city airport about we learned that those shipments are not coming back to turkey they will continue they are working over there so everything seems to be all right also they are the defense minister sources underlined that there are no a military person is among those 6 people because there's a pro huff there media have been say it have been claiming that among those 6 people who have been seized by them were military members took us military members turkish defense minister called for a firm that there are no military members and what we have learned for from the ministry is that these are all ships meant there was a backdoor diploma cell going. with turkey through local with local tribal leaders and. made sure that. they are giving 72
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hours for the libyan air for help their side to release. those turkish citizens and there were 3 meetings and since this incident happened there were 3 security meeting meetings tokyo was prepared for any scenario that's why turkish officials had very harsh statements syria's statements following this incident they said they would retaliate but finally it took issue official officials are happy that turkish citizens are safe and sound ok thank you for that sin and cos you are in istanbul now to tripoli mark word of the war had to update us from that side mahmoud few things going on there but it is good news the fact that the airport appears to be over again. welcome alert 1st of all it seems that it's clear that the threats to have told us forces if they did not release the turkish
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nationals have been very strong we know that the spokesman of have to his forces. earlier and answered that there detaining all nationals all turkish nationals in libya but last night he just repeated and said he does not have any knowledge about the detention of the turkish nationals today we're getting confirmed reports from security sources that would have to in this city of. that's west of confirming the release of the turkish nationals as you know come out that have to his forces are accusing me of providing coverage for that evolve forces of the government of national accord especially after they have to his forces lost the strategic town of that. which is considered a major setback for have to his forces fighting the government forces in the west of the country yesterday all the operational airport in this city in tripoli in may
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to get airport was briefly suspended. or suspended in the airport briefly after have to his fate of jet hit the airport for the 5th time since half the launch of this military campaign on tripoli on april the 4th but authorities in a way to get their point say that the airstrike hit an open area near the runway and the action was resumed shortly after the air strike but have to the forces claim that they did a turkish drawn in the that was hit on the runway but generally speaking it seems that we have to have responded swiftly to the threats despite the fact that took out a base to parliament issued an ounce of yesterday that. all the their forces are on high alert and they have been our general mobilization of the forces responding to the threats by the ministry of foreign affairs and also the turkish
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defense ministry come out mahmud of the 100 in tripoli thank you. european union leaders have worked through the night as they try to decide who will fail the top jobs in the block but so far no agreement and in fact the summit's been suspended now until tuesday this is the 3rd attempt by e.u. leaders to fill the 5 positions deep division particularly about who should succeed to head the european commission steven erlanger with us now chief diplomatic correspondent for europe with the new york times on skype from brussels why is this one so difficult it seems stephen well that's a very good question i think it's always difficult to be honest but what made it more difficult was the european elections produced a much more fragmented parliament and parliament house to approve these jobs basically and the jobs have to be balanced between ideologies and gender and region and it became very very difficult when it became clear that the main the largest
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party which was the center right collection called the european peoples party and not only had lost seats but had put up a candidate who almost everyone agreed wasn't really up to the job so it's been a very very difficult battle. americal a mano mccrone sure germany france with some help from spain came up with a proposal that would put a socialist francois germany's currently in vice president of the commission in charge of it but the p.p. the center right are neither countries really disagree with that they're very worried about losing that job so the game continues it's very frustrating the europeans are used to dealing with coalition politics guess they're used to negotiating ready endlessly and it will continue. i know that briggs it isn't the
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only thing happening to do with the european union but it's a pretty big one it's also the timing of this is not great to have this sort of indecision and lack of cohesion whilst actually that's what's coming out of the u.k. as well on the other side of that breaks that argument well probably this is not a bad time in the braggs a debate for the europeans to you know be twittering around because nothing will happen until the new prime minister is named and that will be killed july 23rd and then there's the august break and then there are the conferences in britain so i think if the europeans get their act together you know by the end of july. it really would be ok and they've all made very clear they're not going to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement so the big question for any new british prime minister is as you can put it in america how do you put lipstick on a pig i mean how do you dress up the withdrawal agree with enough to get it through
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parliament. because no deal everyone talks about it really doesn't make sense and doesn't really exist because even in britain the falls out of the e.u. on october 31st it will be back in a few days to negotiate citizens' rights and airlines and everything else i mean that there's really no kind of clean cutting possible so but by then the european should have their act in order i should say yeah anyway just quickly stephen on names of any front runners anyone who is familiar to us well the name that has been you know. real all day and night is france timmermans has been drunk or younkers vice president was an alley lingual dutchman he is from the socialist bloc. he's very highly regarded and he speaks very well but he has angered poland hungary especially. which
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is part of his job by pushing the rule of law and by criticizing the way they've dealt with their own courts so they're very much against him and the italians which is run by a populist government you know they don't like him so the problem is there are enough there seemed to be enough votes against him even with me in miracles center right party to put him into trouble the other name that keeps floating crystal you know you're. an economist about 65 very smart has a lot of experience in the world bank and also has been a commissioner. but you know she's never been elected to anything and she had fallen out. with a younger so that's in the air the other big name in the air is margaret you're.
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such a liberal who everybody thinks is very very competent and if a woman which helps your gave or so we'll see i mean these are the names that go around but in your package when what form very hard to say steven erlanger talking european politics is politics with us great talking to you thank you banks from all . in a few moments mr kevin carver i will have a weather update for us and then still to come on al-jazeera we're looking at the potential to go on oil that could significantly affect the global economy. and sport by victory for this gulf was about more than just winning.
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the west. well the extreme heat wave in the deadly heat wave that we've been experiencing since last monday is almost 2 and ended we have seen plenty of records being broken across parts of europe and sunday was another day of records there i want to show you 2 more records that were broken 1st of all here in austria in brooke broke an all time record of 38.5 with their old record 37.7 and berber of germany broke a june record from $39.00 their old record was $86.00 which just broke in a few days ago and also in parts of the czech republic and also into poland records were broken there as well now the reason that he waves in the is this frontal boundary is making its way down from the north towards the south and behind it we're seeing some better air we're seeing some cooler air or more seasonable air for this time of year want to show the temperatures that we do expect to see today up towards warsaw $29.00 berlin $27.00 and these are above average temperatures normally these cities would see about 23 degrees as a high 24 degrees as
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a high so still above average but we're only talking about 5 to 6 degrees above average not the 10 to 15 degrees above average that we saw before as we go towards tuesday notice the big difference though here across much of the north berlin at 20 warsaw $24.00 but down towards the south still quite hot across much of the area and we are going to be seeing severe weather along this front about him as we go into the overnight hours. when. time and leave. on counting the cost trump's deal of the century $50000000000.00 to kickstart a more abundance rainy palestinian peace process but not a single dollar pledged plus the chinese electric car maker about to take on the lights of the job an auto industry counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the cartels are fighting each other and we've been told that we can still yes this is the largest demonstration that's been held by their refugees since over 700000 of them right
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here some of the nicest losers on the planet earth here or they think that there could be plastic here. i'll just see the english proud recipient of the new crystals gold coast of the year lords of the city of. malaysia plans to abolish the death penalty a dividing the community with more than 1200 prisoners on death row one on one industry. on al-jazeera. on the news on here at al-jazeera these are all top stories hundreds of thousands of people out in hong kong rallying against the government again and some have
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already tried smashing their way into the legislative council building they want a controversial extradition bill completely withdrawn. at least 10 people were killed in sudan during protests on sunday security forces used live fire and tear gas protests the biggest there since the military broke up a sit in in early june which killed more than 100 people. and turkey's government has announced 6 of its citizens held hostage in libya have been released. kirwan of serious consequences for the war khalifa haftar whose forces while holding them. want to go back to hong kong now we're going to talk to someone in a moment but 1st a bit of a run through of how things work in hong kong since its handover from british rule back in 1922 years ago today officially on kong as a semi autonomous region of china it is led by a chief executive functions like a prime minister basically but it's chosen by a 1200 member committee made up of mainly pro beijing politicians and business
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leaders china describes it as one country 2 systems principle and hong kong has executive legislative and independent judicial power on the what is called the basic law but communist parties in beijing have the power to interpret any calls in their own way that's the way it's been for the past 22 years people out protesting on the streets today amongst them we have emily lau who's a former democratic party member in hong kong's legislative council nice to see you emily ben sheer number of people behind you i've been watching your live shot during the break it is quite astonishing the number of people have come out today. the. the exactly and this is the 3rd time that chime in a few weeks really amazing people but they are very very anxious about their future future of their children that's like it coming out tomorrow. what do you make him believe though of the events at the legislative council where protesters were
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actually trying to smash their way into the doors. of the well i feel i feel. like this. i don't know a law but last some people say that some of those people actually people who were killed in that demonstration in support of the police yesterday so they wedding day. to try to provoke but also maybe then you can protest this young people who feel very disillusion will be you very emotional and that well wait not so many twice and that still nothing happened but i will stand to come god i have my watch so many times that might not even add now and things up that he yeah i'll call it but i we have spent as venezuela as
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a syria as yemen as many other places the thing is in home call we have no democracy but. free governance and but still no safety and the rule of no that we enjoy is much more than some democratic country that's the irony but of course we want democracy but we want to preserve our free lifestyle so i want the young people get people not to be this a notion not to resort to violence because then you'll i track a crackdown but hong kong is not tenements where we hope a chain will not crack down on us so in the end of these protests now just about that desire for democracy the original protests was specifically about the extradition bill has it moved on from that now into a bigger movement in a big a grievance. well it
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has dogged but also it has no because the couple of kerry latham has refused to withdraw all of the bill completely she just suspends it and last week there was a room up that the bill would be reactivated after the summary sas so people are terrified and the government came out to say no no no no it's been suspect that the . glad to reactivate but why do you waste joy showing one thing is about withdrawing your company but the other thing of course you don't write is about the serving our free lifestyle how a civil liberties a person of safety that one country 2 system which we should enjoy 50 yes from 997 show that trying to dawdle years to go but if you keep one time and think your system is probably fading people out very early and now look.
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how well and united kingdom government is not doing much about it. we're exit by several 1000000 british citizens living here they have don't know right to live in the u.k. they've got preachers in nashville no place see the ag no no and you know what that stands for all its brit 10 cents no it's not that need this when you go emily lau great to talk to you from those protests in hong kong thank you. now oil producers are deciding whether to continue with constrictions on supply as they try to prop up oil prices i pick meeting in vienna along with fellow produces russia and saudi arabia the 2 biggest oil exporters reached a deal you remember on the sidelines of the g 20 and all stuck on saturday to continue their curbs on production for 6 to 9 months well prices have been hit by slowing demand and competition from shale oil in the united states our economics at
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a time a bit on the spines now how opec is working with countries outside because you know to keep production cuts in place. on this map 14 opec nations are in orange as you know saudi arabia is the kingpin and the 10 normally pick nations there in grey they're led by russia together they control 55 percent of the world's oil production saudi arabia would light the super cartel to keep production cuts of 1200000 barrels a day in place because it needs high oil prices to balance its budget otherwise it has to dip into its reserves or borrow money unlike saudi arabia russia doesn't need high oil prices moscow would like it or companies to pump oil freely to boost its sanction hit economy but a global economic slowdown due to trade tensions and a record u.s.
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oil production is raising fears or a price it could crash with out another production deal. more now with dominic cain who's in vienna for us dominic tell us about the agenda for this meeting. but pretty much as he was saying in your introduction that can all that those oil price cuts you can it's very likely that there will be another $6.00 perhaps 9 month period of oil price cuts agreed at this meeting the saudis very much want that to happen the rainy and sue are here also well they've said they're pretty much ok with the idea of that happening one of the reasons that it's very key that that happens for the countries that are back it's because of the booming amounts of american oil right now it's because that those low price cuts been in place since 2017 and the fact is that they are very likely to be in place right the way through the end of this year of 2 whole years of those all price cuts in place that's the
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thing that's really dominating the agenda and the 1st day of this meeting here in vienna ok let's just focus in on iran a little bit what sort of impact would the the ongoing tensions with iran have bad . well the thing that really matters from the iranian side of things is if they look at the amount of or reducing right now relative to what they were producing prior to the reimposition of american sanctions u.s. sanctions back in april of last year around 2 and a half 1000000000 to help many barrels were being produced by iran that has shrunk to the brand 10 percent of the abstract 100000 barrels being produced from by iran today the point behind that is it's imperative from the iranian side of things that they get some kind of alleviation from opec whatever is possible but there's also frustration from the iranian side is they say well opec needs to start to start
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reflecting more the sorts of concerns that iran has asked question would be where the past is likely given the fact saudi arabia play such a fundamental role in the whole organization of petroleum exporting countries that is the question for the iranians but so far at least they say they're happy to stay inside wait to see what emerges on that front over the course of the next 2 days the mccain that i pick headquarters in vienna thank you don't make. up people in parts of argentina capital are again without power 2 weeks after a huge blackout hit several latin american countries residents in the region of la plata blame politicians as well as the local utility company and the stories about reports that needs more than a few repair is. another power cut in argentina. neighbors in that plant that decided to open up the roads to protest their 4th day without electricity. says the most affected areas are poor and that's why their claims i'm
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being annoyed. about above we are the most humble and cannot go and get a generator the price of electricity has tripled in the past years but we are not seeing the benefits it's cold archie. higher utility prices in the past 2 years have not resulted in better service business people say that they've been without electricity and water for several days this whole area has been completely paralyzed streetlights are not working and shops and factories have also been affected this neighbors are saying that what they need are generators in order to be able to go back to their normal lives. owns a pizza shop not far away from the protest he was forced to borrow a generator from a friend the economic situation is bad and if you had the power cut to the situation it's even worse because we have to spend money for gas for the generator people here.


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